Action Plan For Sales Managers

Hi Sales Manager,

I’m glad that you took the time to read or listen to my audiobook and related well to its powerful message that anyone can increase their success and sales by controlling their thoughts and emotions.

The primary reason why many salespeople fail to reach their full potential or quit is because they spend more time listening to their negative self-talk than prospecting and selling.

Without desire and action nothing happens. As a sales manager, you had the desire and took action to find out how my book's insights could help you to increase your sales team’s effectiveness and your success.

Here are three options how you can use this powerful book or audiobook as a very cost-effective tool to help the members of your sales team that have a desire to increase their sales.

Option 1: To help the members of your sales team that have a desire to be more successful, send all of them an email briefly telling them in your own words why you recommend that they read this book or listen to the audiobook while driving to appointments, commuting to the office, or traveling.

Include the link to my website

Feel free to use the Sample Email below. The sales agents that relate to this book will like it and tell their associates about it. Many of your agents will improve their mental game and increase their sales. As a result, your sales team will become more positive and successful.

Option 2: It is a great book to refer to your sales reps that are in a rut and need help getting back on track. Plus, it's a valuable tool that you can use in your one-on-one coaching sessions.

Option 3: You may find that the best approach is to go for it and order copies for your entire sales team.

As I have proven many times in the past, The Mental Keys Training Program works if you use it. I hope you desire to increase your sales team’s success and use it. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Best wishes for success,

Michael Anthony

Sample Email

Subject: Please Read ASAP

Hi (name of sales agent),

I just finished reading (or listening to) a short, but powerful book (audiobook) Mental Training For Success In Sales by Michael Anthony. I highly recommend everyone on our sales team to read it, or at least listen to the audiobook. For a peek at some of the insights you will learn, visit While you are there, check out the impressive testimonials.

It’s a quick read and well worth the time to fit reading it into your busy schedule. Amazon’s stats show that the typical time to read this short 101 page book is only 1 hour and 46 minutes.

I strongly encourage you to pick up your own copy so you can highlight the concepts that you relate to the most and want to review from time to time. It’s available thru Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

If you are too busy to make time to read this short book, you can listen to its audiobook while driving your car to appointments, commuting to the office, or traveling.

I look forward to your feedback and increased sales after you read or listen to this important book,

(Your Name)

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